At GoodLove Audio we appreciate both the science of sound and its creative possibilities. Many sleepless nights we’ve pondered… What does space sound like? Where do sound waves exist when it’s silent? If a tree falls in the forest with no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Okay, maybe we may never know all the answers to the mysteries of sound, but we have discovered how to harvest and manipulate it! Here at GoodLove audio, we have channeled our love and curiosity for sound by creating a musical paradise where artists can design and erect their own monument of sounds.

     As a professional recording studio we approach every piece of work with the understanding that our responsibilities to our clients are a balance of both artistic and analytic insight.  Our engineers specialize in their craft and work to create harmony between the many components of the equipment and the complexities of the artist. It is our goal to help inspire, create and provide the necessary resources our clients need to achieve their artistic vision.

    Our passion for what we do drives us to grow, adapt and challenge ourselves in an industry that is consistently reinventing itself. By understanding the relationship between technique and processing, we can conjure an array of tones and flavors to enhance any given body of sound. Drawing inspiration from all sonic delights, we translate musical vibes using both analog and digital tools. Our knowledge of music, sound and gear equips us with an arsenal of invaluable insight, material and problem-solving skills within the studio setting.

    This is our passion and we are intent on creating a big sound in an intimate setting. Our engineers respect the creative process and work diligently to accommodate our clients throughout their time in the studio. Aiming to help others achieve their unique goals, we like to spend time getting to know our clients, their project and expectations. By harboring an open atmosphere and comfortable relationship, we genuinely hope to provide a stimulating physical and mental space ideal for manifesting creative potential. We have fun, work hard and establish connections. We are ambassadors of sound. We are lovers of music. Welcome to GoodLove.